BRC20X introduces essential tools and services on the BRC-20 blockchain, focusing on helping and improving the Bitcoin user's journey.

BRC20X is the Ultimate BRC-20 Tools on the Bitcoin Blockchain

  • The Current Challenge: Limited direct trading of BRC-20 tokens within our integrated ecosystem and proprietary wallet to EVM blockchains.

  • BRC20X Solution: The hybrid bridge meets the growing demand for all-inclusive toolsets in the BRC-20 ecosystem, enabling the seamless transfer of BRC-20 tokens such as ORDI, SATS, RATS, and others to EVM-compatible blockchains.

A Suite of Tools That Improves the BRC-20 Space


  • X Wallet | Storage of BRC-20 tokens and Rewarding Wallet

  • X Cross-Chain Bridge | For Hybrid Asset Transfers

  • X Virtual Debit Cards | For Crypto Spendings

  • BRC20X Staking | Long Term Rewards

  • Token Revenue Dividends | Community Rewards

  • X Wallet - Store your tokens safely and get rewarded: The X Wallet is the only wallet in the crypto world that provides revenue sharing to its users, X Wallet stands out for its innovative approach to crypto transactions and user rewards.

  • X Cross-Chain Bridge - Connect and Transfer Across Blockchains: The bridge connects BRC-20 tokens (ORDI, SATS, RATS, etc..) with major blockchains, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain (BSC), Solana, Avalanche, Polygon, and Fantom. This wide compatibility makes it a versatile tool for users holding assets across different platforms.

  • X Virtual Debit Cards - Use Crypto for Everyday Purchases: Spend your cryptocurrencies for daily shopping and transactions. As easy as adding the cards in your Google Pay or Apple Pay system. Choose from cards with amounts of $50, $150, $500, $1000, $2500, or $5000. (Physical Private Metal Debit Card available in Q2)

BRC-20X Features