Sugar Kingdom

Sugar Kingdom Odyssey is a utility tool for BRC-20 tokens and altcoins that enable these projects to use their tokens in our gaming platform.

Sugar Kingdom Odyssey is a gaming platform that brings utility to BRC-20 tokens and altcoins. One game for all the coins.

Bring your tokens from any chain, climb the leaderboard and claim your spot at the top for epic rewards. Your crypto key opens the door to the Kingdom’s treasury!

Sugar Kingdom Odyssey is not play-to-earn platform. They have reimagined the gaming economy to create a sustainable, circular model where the fees of the platform are distributed to $SKO token holders in weekly airdrops (stake $SKO and get weekly airdrops from dozens of low-cap tokens), offering a diversified portfolio of rewards.

Every game holds the potential to skyrocket your winnings by up to 100X! Users can deposit their cryptos to compete in tournaments and earn up to 100X from their initial deposit. Play, conquer and multiply your crypto rewards in a realm where fortune waits for you. Catchy, fast, and suitable for web3 people.