Dragonfall is a digital card game that combines strategy and tactics in epic battles between heroes, dragons, and monsters.

Dragonfall - The Battle of Light - In the Year of the Dragon

Welcome to Dragonfall, a realm where ancient conflicts between lords, dragons, monsters, and armies shape the landscape of power and strategy. Set in the immersive world of Year of the Dragon, Dragonfall beckons you to experience the thrill of untamed magic and legendary creatures.

Embark on a journey unlike any other, where innovation meets tradition. Dragonfall introduces the revolutionary concept of dual-chain integration with BRC20 and Lightlink, ensuring seamless gameplay and unparalleled immersion.

As pioneers in the realm of evolving NFTs, Dragonfall proudly partners with PAAL to offer groundbreaking NFT experiences. Witness the birth of the first-of-its-kind evolving NFTs, a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming.

In collaboration with Lightlink, Dragonfall presents "Dragonfall - The Battle of Light," a partnership that heralds a new era of gaming excellence. Prepare for epic battles and legendary adventures as you join forces in Dragonfall's thrilling universe.

Key Features:

  • Dual-chain integration with BRC-20 and Lightlink Optimization through Celestia's underlying modular function of Lightlink.
  • Official Lightlink partner
  • Collaboration with Lightlink for unparalleled gaming experiences
  • Mobile and PC game version
  • Year of the dragon heavily integrated
  • Extremely unique Paal in game collaboration
  • Huge token utility and many more to come within the Dragonfall ecosystem