Nulink is a ZK provable data privacy solution for decentralized applications on a mission to build a solution that makes it easy for developers to implement best practices, best-of-breed data security and privacy.

NuLink, as a Web3-based ZK Provable Data Privacy Solution for DApps(Decentralized Applications), is revolutionizing the landscape of Dapps. This cutting-edge platform empowers application developers with a comprehensive suite of security and privacy features, meticulously designed to adhere to industry best practices.

The NuLink technology platform is a fusion of a robust blockchain foundation, access control mechanisms (Proxy Re-Encryption, Attribute-Based Encryption), and secure computation protocols (Zero-Knowledge Proof, Secure Multi-party Computation, Fully Homomorphic Encryption). This technical foundation establishes NuLink as an integral and indispensable solution for data sharing and computation services, particularly tailored for the realm of preserving data privacy.

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Backed by Binance Labs, Nulink is also running a testnet event on Coinlist!


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