OrangeDX Private

1st Gen Bitcoin DEFI Hub, Your Fresh Route to BRC20 ecosystem. A Bitcoin Protocol Platform to trade, bridge, launch, earn, borrow and lend.

Distribution: 50% Airdrop BRC-20 + 50% Claim BEP-20

OrangeDX is a pioneering first-generation Bitcoin DeFi hub, dedicated to providing a multifaceted platform that empowers users to engage in trading, swapping, securing, and launching BRC20 and bridged EVM tokens.Their comprehensive suite of services also extends to borrowing and lending, ensuring a holistic DeFi experience for our users.

Positioned as the BRC-20 equivalent of Uniswap, Aave and GMX, OrangeDX's DeFI aggregator (Yield, borrow and lending, and perpetuals trading) focuses on superior user experience and groundbreaking opportunities, creating a new domain for DeFi enthusiasts.

At the forefront of innovation, OrangeDX features a revolutionary native DEX aggregator tailored specifically for BRC-20 tokens, enhancing liquidity and optimizing trading efficiency. Additionally, their platform offers an Initial Liquidity Offering mechanism, facilitating seamless token launches and supporting BRC-20 liquidity bootstrap initiatives.

With a commitment to excellence and user-centric solutions, OrangeDX redefines the landscape of decentralized finance, offering unparalleled opportunities for traders, investors, and token issuers alike.

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