Quantilytica is an assets management platform helping individuals, DAOs, and other protocols automate capital flow on BTC Layer 2s.

Quantlytica builds a one-stop DeFi aggregation platform. Using AI, machine learning, and statistics models, it conducts horizontal comparisons of returns, liquidity risks, and safety across all DeFi projects on the market. Quantlytica can automate various capital allocations, optimizing benefits to meet user needs.

The project helps Web3 users who prefer low risk or lack product differentiation skills in DeFi to reduce the uncertainty and opportunity cost of choosing projects. Through simple aggregated operations, they automate participation in the quick evolving of BTC ecosystem.


  • AI Assistant: Our DeFi assistant is based on LLM model and ChatGPT.
  • Intelligent Algorithm: AI-powered data analysis and real-time recommendation are based on LSTM Networks


  • Murex, top 10 risk management system
  • Bitlayer, the first Bitcoin security-equivalent Layer 2 based on the BitVM paradigm.
  • B² Network, the first Bitcoin DA Layer
  • Rooch Network (Rooch₿TC), modular Bitcoin L2
  • Polygon Labs, one of the biggest L1s
  • AGI, pioneering public chain aimed at revolutionizing decentralized AI
  • Singularity, confidential DeFi infrastructure for institutions
  • Biconomy, one of the biggest Account Abstraction service provider
  • SkryLabs, Web3 incubator


  • $15M AUM in close Beta
  • 2000+ community growth in 2 months


  • Strategic/Bridge Round, seeking $1.5M at a $15M valuation
  • Current backers: Business Finland, Eureka Partners, AppWorks, Polygon, Graviton, ZBS Capital, AZA Ventures, Gains Associate, BlockVerse Capital, Connectico Capital, and many more.

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