Udao is a Web3 platform to learn job relevant skills and find work. It connects learners, educators and organizations.

Udao is a Web3 platform to learn job-relevant skills and find work. With AI and technological progress, over a billion people need to reskill by 2030 as half the skills today will become obsolete or automated in a few years. Traditional education systems are falling short, and Udao aims to fill this gap by offering a solution for rapid and cost-effective reskilling. Initiated by anywAI AG in Switzerland, Udao is developed by a team of AI experts from ETH Zurich. By the end of February 2024, Udao launched its platform app.udao.org, attracted 90,000 community members and raised over $3.5 million.

šŸš€ Empowering tomorrow's workforce with UDAO Token

  1. Contribute2Earn (C2E)
  2. Governance Decision Making
  3. Payments for accessing services
  4. Access advanced Platform Features
  5. Skills Assessments
  6. Personalized learning with AI-Tutors
  7. Skill-based company matching

šŸ‘„ Partners: IBM, Udemy, digitalSwitzerland, CryptoValley, European Academy for Executive Education and others.

What is Udao?

Business Model

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