Unlock the power of cross-chain DeFi innovation with Unibit BRC-20 platform: BRC-20 Bridge, Token Creation and Decentralized Projects Launch!

Unibit :The First BRC-20 Bridge with 10 EVM chains

Our dual-sided bridge architecture empowers users to effortlessly transfer tokens onto EVM networks and vice versa.

The Current Challenges:

  • Limited Liquidity for BRC-20 Tokens
  • Lack of efficient bridging mechanism
  • Users encounter complications and security issues
  • Excessive costs when bridging BRC-20 to EVM

Unibit Solution:

  • Dual sided bridge Architecture
  • Secure Minting and Burning
  • Option to Bridge between Popular EVM chains (10)

Create a BRC20 Token:

  • The Unibit Inscriptions creator comprise a set of sophisticated elements crafted to optimize the procedures of token formation, inscription, and the embedding of digital artwork into the Bitcoin network.

UniBit DEX :

  • The Unibit DEX Exchange presents numerous notable benefits compared to conventional centralized exchanges and alternative decentralized exchanges. These advantages are meticulously tailored to deliver users with a smooth, secure, and intuitive trading encounter.

Pools :

  • Add liquidity in EVM chain tokens to your created token and launch your project. In Unibit, pools refer to liquidity pools, which are essentially smart contracts that hold reserves of two different tokens. These pools enable decentralized trading by allowing users to swap one token for another directly on the EVM blockchains and BRC20 assests without the need for traditional order books or intermediaries.

Token Utility